Plastic Storage Bins

*Available in blue and black

Storage shelf bins

Delabin blue storage shelf bins
Blue storage shelf bin 3 depths


Product code Blue Product code Black Storage bin size (mm)
DP300S  DP300SB 300 X 120 X 90
DP400S  DP400SB 400 X 120 X 90
DP500S  DP500SB 500 X 120 X 90
DP300L  DP300LB 300 X 240 X 90
DP400L  DP400LB 400 X 240 X 90
DP500L  DP500LB 500 X 240 X 90

Plastic insert bins

Dela Plast storage insert bins for small part storage
Product code Blue Product code Black Storage bin size (mm)
DPINSERT01  DPINSERT03 148 X 76 X 57
DPINSERT02  DPINSERT04 148 X 76 X 57 ( with divider)

Accessories for storage bins

Product code
Product code
Storage bin size (mm)
DPDIVS  DPDIVSBL Small divider 120 X 90
DPDIVL  DPDIVLBL Large divider 240 X 90
DPLABEL Clear window with paper label
Dela Plast Storage bins , plastic containers wholesale
Dela Plast storage containers with front stopper for neat storage
Blue storage container with divider and window and label
Blue storage bin with divider

Plastic Tote Bin

48 liter tote bins
Product code Black Description Storage bin size (mm)
DPTOTEBOX Stackable & Nestable 600 X 400 X 210
Volume: 48 litres

About our storage bins…

Dela Plast plastic storage shelf bins are durable and inexpensive space savers ! These medium to small sized storage containers are ideal for organising small parts from computer-, pharmaceutical- and medical storage to mining or motor vehicle part storage. Many different companies, from forklift parts, hydraulic to mining suppliers uses them effectively for their warehouse storage optimisation ensuring MAXIMUM STORAGE PER SQUARE! In this article we explain the benefits of Plastic storage bins and containers.

There are 6 sizes of DelaBins with standard in black and blue. The black is made from recycled plastic. Each bin can be labelled separately with an ID card/label and protective window at the front or back of each bin and on the divider. Dividers help to organise different parts into one bin for increased storage location.

Another plastic storage product is our Tote bin.  These robust storage containers are ideal for many different uses – from storage of goods or delivery of products. They are stackable and nestable.

Front and back stoppers are available to use in combination with our shelving units to prevent bins from falling of shelving for a neat and uniform look. And don’t forget our small storage inserts, which are handy for tiny bits and pieces, especially when organising your drawers! The DelaBin is an inexpensive way to organize and store anything effectively every time!

The Dela Plast shelving and lockable cabinet combo’s are complementary to our bins. These durable storage units ensures optimum usage of space. The loose standing shelving unit can store up to 104 separate storage shelf bins!

We export to Europe and Sub Saharan countries and locally use Time freight as our delivery partner. Read more about the Delaplast shelf bin solution here.

bin inserts and shelf bins with dimensions

Strong & durable

Subdivide bins
for optimum storage

Optimum usage
with Dela Plast shelving

Protective window
over label

Organisers dream

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